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Architectural Patterns – Decorator

In this article I will present you powerful architectural pattern that I have been using it a lot called Decorator. 1. What is Decorator By definition Decorator is architectural pattern which allows us incorporating new services, behaviours to existing components when certain events occur or simply augmenting existing behaviours. Main benefit of the pattern is […]

DDD – Aggregates part I.

Welcome to the fourth article about Domain Driven Design. In the previous article, we learned about one of the primary concepts in Domain Driven Design – Entities. This time, we will take a look at another interesting and really powerful concept – Aggregates. They are often misunderstood, which results in incorrect implementations. 1.What is an […]

DDD – When to use and how to design Entities

Welcome to third article about Domain Driven Design. Last week I have showed you one of two primary concepts in it – Value Objects. In this following article we will take a deep dive into the other one – Entity. Because I think this is really important topic, let’s take a step back and see […]

DDD – Understating Value Objects with Swift

This article is part of mini series about Domain Driven Design. And in this week we will continue with one of its primary concepts – Value Objects and Entity Objects. In this one I will present you Value Objects. Easiest way to understand Value Objects is by understanding how it’s different from Entity Object. Core […]

DDD – Anemic vs. Rich Domain Model

This week we will start with software design post. And in following weeks we will take a deep dive into Domain Driven Design. For examples we will use Swift and iOS. If you are not familiar with Domain Driven Design just stay tuned for more future posts. We will start with Anemic Model and have […]