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Architectural Patterns – Decorator

In this article I will present you powerful architectural pattern that I have been using it a lot called Decorator. 1. What is Decorator By definition Decorator is architectural pattern which allows us incorporating new services, behaviours to existing components when certain events occur or simply augmenting existing behaviours. Main benefit of the pattern is […]

Detect user’s country without accessing their location

Sometimes we are faced with challenge where we would like to improve user experience of our app based on where in the world or better said in which country our clients are using the application. For example if you would like to show some content (or even download in from the API on the fly), […]

Async execution of long-running operations using Swift’s Task

In this article I will try to show you how to adopt Swift’s Task which is part of new Concurrency API’s with an example where we want to execute long-running operations on background thread without changing existing implementation of the operation. Instead making adoption by changing existing code we will build reusable component which will […]