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Detect user’s country without accessing their location

Sometimes we are faced with challenge where we would like to improve user experience of our app based on where in the world or better said in which country our clients are using the application. For example if you would like to show some content (or even download in from the API on the fly), […]

Use Swift’s ‘async’ without breaking the existing codebase

With the release of Swift 5.5 and upcoming release of Xcode 13.2 we are finally able to use new Swift Concurrency APIs. In this article I will try to show you a way how to use new APIs into the codebase where needed or even required without actually breaking or changing the existing code. Quick […]

How to connect to Wi-Fi device from iOS app using Swift

With the popularity and rise of IoT applications you might get faced with requirement that your iOS application should be able to connect to a Wi-Fi device. Since iOS11 was released we got access to new APIs that allows us to do just that.

In this article I will show you an easy was how to connect to a Wi-Fi device from iOS application with some “gotchas” along the way.